InteliKit is using state of the art deep learning and computer vision algorithms to develop software tools that enable users to find from a large collection of photos items that are similar to the ones in photos they submit. We have taken the unique approach of developing plugins for the most common platforms that are used to build online stores and websites. You can thus add our visual search tools onto your online store with just a click of a button. So even if the website administrator is a developer, our plugins will save you inordinate amounts of time coding it in. Of course, where you want flexibility in how you integrate our visual search we provide a REST API for that. 

Our algorithm indexes the photo collection by analysing each photo and extracting features that are a quantitative metric that characterise that photo. Images that have similar objects within them will have features that are also similar. During a search, the features of the query image are compared to the features of the images in the index and the ones with the closest matching returned.


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